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The Feels are a duo who have been heavily influenced by your cool grandma’s record collection. From Maple Valley, WA which is about 25 miles Southeast of Seattle, Arielle and Dace play a mix of what they refer to as “Americana Yacht Rock”. Think fellow Maple Valley-ite Brandi Carlile, or if the Indigo Girls joined the Eagles to put together a Pearl Jam tribute concert. Songs that were -or sound like- a hit before your mother was born are played with standard instruments like guitar, voice, and piano but there are also washboards, kazoos, and harmonicas and just before you get comfortable with that, Arielle is there to beat you over the head with space noises from a synthesizer or some other weird thing she found at Goodwill. (Which is where the Safeway used to be.)

Prior to 2021, The Feels went by the name Sealth. A name which is hard to pronounce by everybody except a few Seattle historians. As Dace and Arielle emerged from a difficult 2020 they decided they wanted to produce music so personal, honest, and vulnerable that it would give their audience the feels. The old name just didn’t fit anymore. Dace had started her gender transition. Arielle and Dace had spent every moment of every day together for a year and a half only to find that their relationship had grown stronger. There was a pandemic kitty and eight pandemic chickens. 2020 and 2021 were a great time to transition both physically and mentally and that’s what they did.

Arielle and Dace run the non-profit music school Dace’s Rock ‘n’ More Music Academy which was founded in 2005 by Dace. Together they have been interviewed and featured on King 5 television, the local television show Seattle Refined, and KNDD FM radio. They currently co-host a new-music show on KGRG FM as part of Alley Kat Chat. They have produced a movie for and performed at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival (Now the Seattle Transmedia Film Festival) and have been mascots for the Rat City Rollerderby team The Sockit Wenches.   

They are currently working on a new collection of songs entitled “She/Her” which will feature two 3-song trilogies. Arielle has written songs that detail a (hopefully untrue) story that will be intriguing to murderinos and crime junkies everywhere while Dace spins the up, down, and ultimately triumphant tale of her life as a transgender woman.

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